Answering the call by building a community.

It started with the Digital Services Playbook, which outlines 13 key “plays” to help the government build more successful digital services. Robert Rasmussen, the CEO of Agile Six, saw this as an opportunity to improve how government contractors could deliver these services by nurturing a sense of community, rather than rivalry.

He approached other like-minded companies to create the Digital Services Coalition as a place to share knowledge, find teaming partners for government proposals, and mentor firms who want to get involved in rethinking how the government delivers digital services. By creating this community, we can all bring our best talents to the table and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

Our community

The Coalition formed from the shared ideals of 16 companies and continues to grow as other firms join the call.

* = Founding member


“We believe in the value of moving fast, showing capabilities (rather than talking about them), and doing whatever it takes to make our government operate in a more effective manner. The Coalition enables us to collaborate, share ideas, and further those ideals.” *

Ad Hoc

“We look forward to working with the coalition to make a difference in the daily lives of users through improved interactions with government digital services built specifically for them.” *

Agile Six

“We believe that strong teams are built on trust and agility. When someone tells you that they’ve “Got Your Six,” it means they’re watching your back. Knowing other member firms have our six means we can focus on transforming the working relationship between government and the private sector — which we believe will deliver better digital experiences for our citizens.” *

Logo for Analytica

"We believe in the power of information. Whether delivered by digital IT systems or utilized for advanced analytics, unleashing the value of data is core to Analytica’s mission. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to expand this impact by collaborating with other Digital Services Coalition members."


“Aquia was born from the belief that our country deserves to have the brightest cybersecurity talent working on its toughest cybersecurity challenges. We are on a mission to challenge the status quo, enable innovation, and drive transformative change.”

Logo for Archesys

"We believe American citizens need adaptable, forward-thinking public services that improve their lives and future generations. We collaborate with agencies and experts to develop digital strategies for products and services that grow and establish trust."

AWL Strategies

“Our mission is great business outcomes through purpose-driven communications. We believe shared leadership creates strength, and we bring a stack of chairs with us to every table. We joined the DSC because at this table, leaders work together to make change across government fit, for everyone.”


“We are a mission-driven organization determined to improve people’s lives through human-centered strategies and transformative technologies. We deliver on this promise by partnering with leading federal agencies to conceive and create powerful, data-driven customer experiences.”

Bloom Works

“We are a woman-owned digital services company. Our team has served in key leadership positions at all levels of government and have extensive experience delivering sustainable, human-centered, and data-driven services to people who need them the most.”

Logo for Blue Tiger

"Blue Tiger is a people-first, design-forward digital consultancy. We’re excited about creating a safer, healthier, and more equitable future. We design organizations, build software, and craft experiences for the American people."

Logo for BlueLabs

"As a human-centered data science firm, we partner to create personalized and relevant services. We are centered in equity and work to remove the frictions to access that are disproportionately experienced by marginalized communities."


“Bracari believes that it's fun to do hard things. We believe in dream teams, leaning into big challenges, and being good people. We are visionaries and problem solvers, using engineering and software to make people's lives better, their jobs easier, and our country more secure. Bracari is a digital services company at heart, passionate about shepherding organizations through digital transformation, fanatical about improving consumer interactions with federal services, and committed to helping our customers transform the way they generate, consume, and orchestrate data. Our values serve as guidons for the work we do: proceed until apprehended, just do the thing, bring the ice cream sandwiches.”

Capital Technology Group

“Working in collaboration, the government and a coalition of like-minded firms can more fully realize the goal of designing, building, and delivering the most effective and transformative digital services solutions that current technology and imagination make possible.”


“We’re honored to be part of a strong network of firms who embrace the values of free and open-source software, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and contributing back while fostering a culture of openness and learning in government to build the next generation of modern public services.” *

Clarity Innovations

“Clarity Innovations is reimagining how mission critical systems get, use, and move data. As a DataOps software developer dedicated to making data useful to mission operations and decision makers, we work alongside end users throughout the entire data chain from collection and aggregation, through correlation and analysis, to visualization and manipulation.”

Logo for Coa Solutions

"Coa Solutions builds services our customers use, love, and remember. At the core of everything we do is a deep passion for how human-centered technology can transform and positively impact people’s lives."


“We craft creative solutions and build technology products that improve the communities our clients serve. We work closely with partners, including many in this coalition, to shape digital services that people rely on, co-creating progress that serves a common purpose.” *

Logo for Cognitive Medical Systems

"Cognitive Medical Systems is committed to providing the tools and architecture necessary to improve the healthcare delivery programs offered by large Federal healthcare agencies. While historically, we have focused on interoperability, clinical workflow, analytics, and software engineering, and we support a broad range of generalized services, including program management, human factors engineering, systems analysis, data modeling, metric reporting, standards development, and business process reengineering."


“Corbalt is passionate about building simple, scalable solutions to help support important government missions. We use innovative technology to create software infrastructure that's easy to use and develop applications that focus on addressing users’ core needs.”

Logo for Element Solutions

"Since our inception, we have held a core vision of improving the lives of those who use the digital services we create. Joining the Digital Services Coalition will allow us to collaborate with like-minded organizations to continue to deliver on this goal."


“eSimplicity is excited to be part of the energetic and enthusiastic Digital Services Coalition to nurture and grow with the civic tech community. Our relentless drive to invent new ways that delight our users and customers never stops. Our engineers and strategists focus on using technology to totally transform the existing user and customer experience and reimagine a better experience than what exists today.”


“We believe in using our skills — human-centered design, iterative agile software development, and modern product approaches — to foster healthy and resilient communities. We’re part of the coalition because we care about seeing more large-scale government services designed for inclusion, co-created with people and communities who need them most.” *


“We believe that the government has the potential to be better, and we want to help influence that change from the ground up. Our vision is to create a world where good software powers the things that matter, so we measure our success by our positive impact on the people in our communities.” *


“We have the strong belief that providing exceptional, accessible, and user-centric digital capabilities to the government will improve people’s everyday lives. Partnering with other innovative, agile, and forward-thinking firms will just accelerate and magnify the difference we can make.” *

Logo for Focus Consulting

"Focus is a digital services firm centered on projects with social impact. Our projects span work that addresses healthcare, benefits, equity, and learning across government. We bring a deep set of industry experiences to government services."

For People

“For People improves government services to make the world a better place to live for our families and communities. We're a mission-driven company with strategists, thinkers, doers, and dreamers who believe people should be at the core of any digital service.”

Friends From The City

“Friends From The City is a modern digital services firm focused on impact. Our goal is to make digital interactions with the government easy to use, inclusive and accessible for all.”

Kind Systems

“Using modern web, mobile, and data technologies combined with human-centric design, the team at Kind Systems builds approachable, fast digital services in an agile fashion based on the principles of the Digital Services Playbook and our own private sector experience.”


“We participate in this coalition and believe in its mission because we feel the government (at all levels), and by extension all people, deserve to be served by companies who take a modern, efficient, and honest approach to providing digital goods and services.” *


“We believe in creating digital experiences that elevate government missions. MetroStar is full of leaders, technologists, artists, and everyone in between. We know the best teams — the ones that power change — bring together people with different backgrounds to make it happen. MetroStar is Powering Change® because of our teammates.”

MO Studio

“We believe that we can help the government ask the right questions, find the right answers, conceptualize and co-design what the experience can become, and build solutions that delight the government’s customers — the public. We don’t want to play by the rules, but change how the game is played.” *


“An award-winning provider of digital transformation services; combining technology expertise with digital strategy, interactive marketing, and branding accelerating our customers’ digital strategy to produce innovative applications and websites.”


“As a public benefit corporation, Nava is driven not just by profit, but also by our mission to build government software that well serves the American public. We are proud to be charter members of the Digital Services Coalition because our collective work shows that by putting the American people and civil servants at the center, it’s possible to radically improve how we deliver government services.” *


“We believe this group represents a unique and new way of doing business by focusing on quality, long-term relationships and delivering value to our clients. We’re excited to be part of this mission.” *

Pluribus Digital

“Government missions make an impact on people’s lives. Software can be the ‘force multiplier’ to execute those missions. We believe that the government deserves the best in technology and talent in order to be as effective as possible.” *

Raft LLC

“Raft LLC brings radical transparency and a commitment to mission success, bridging the gap between humans and data for better, sustainable program outcomes. Inspired by the Raft Consensus Model, we are obsessed with inclusive problem solving and using technology to improve lives.”

Logo for SimonComputing

"SimonComputing is looking forward to working together to redefine the possibilities in software development and forge lasting relationships built on trust."

Simple Technology

“Simple Technology believes Government should operate at the speed of innovation. Our engineers (multi-cloud, low code, and open source) are passionate about using cloud-native technologies to automate ITOps activities and business processes so agencies can focus on the mission.”


“Our mission is to make government work in a digital world. We can’t imagine a better way of doing that than being part of an ecosystem of like-minded companies.” *

Skyward IT Solutions

“Delivering lasting federal and state initiatives through empathy, collaboration, and innovation is our ethos. We coalesce with this highly dynamic consortium of teams to continue on the endeavors of empowering the government and driving positive change, together.”

Logo for Snowbird Agility

"Snowbird Agility’s mission is to upgrade the digital services experience by bringing enhanced workflows, full transparency, servant leadership, and relentless improvement, resulting in happy employees and delighted customers."


“We believe in creating inclusive and equitable digital services to improve social and economic outcomes for all people through partnerships across civic ecosystems. We’re excited to collaborate with the coalition members to drive sustainable change.”

The So Company

“We’re part of the Digital Services Coalition to extend our mission of improving services quickly, intelligently, and efficiently and to collaborate with others that want to provide these same service delivery promises. True change can’t be done alone.” *


“The public has come to expect more because of the digital services they effortlessly enjoy every day. We want to help bridge the gap between public expectation and government delivery by improving procurement, design, and build processes to deliver high-value, modern solutions.” *

Logo for Valiant Solutions

"Valiant Solutions works with the Federal Government to overcome and stay ahead of complex information security challenges. We are thrilled to be involved in the coalition of rethinking how the government delivers digital services."


“We are committed to building a frictionless and secure digital experience to enable efficient mission delivery and promote trust and transparency between the Government and the public they serve. We accomplish this through being trusted advisors and our selfless service culture.”


“Verdance is a public interest technology firm that partners with government to strengthen our institutions. We work at the intersection of people, technology, and process to deliver adaptable and effective digital services.”

Wheelhouse Group, Inc

“Digital transformation is complex and requires people-focused solutions. Our expert change leaders help federal clients do the nuanced work to prepare and engage employees and the public to enthusiastically adopt change. At Wheelhouse we move organizations from Reluctance to Results™.”

Who We Are

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Digital Services Coalition
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Mike Gifford
President, Board Member
Porta Antiporta
Board Member
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